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octane fuel dispensers

Octane offer a wide variety of diesel pumps and fuel management
systems, designed to enhance efficient.



Robust & Reliable Fuel Dispensers

Octane’s range of dispensers are designed to help both the commercial fuelling industry and private businesses alike.

These professional heavy duty fuel dispensers offer excellent quality and reliability at a highly competitive price. Each dispenser is customisable, enabling you to tailor the device to your specific requirements. Features include: Integral plinth, high accuracy positive displacement metering, remote control control for 24hr secure fuelling and more.

Our economy dispensers are a practical, cost-effective solution for private refuelling organisations. The range is reliable, powerful and economical.

Fuel Management Solutions

Our fuel management solutions are designed to either function as a stand-alone unit connected to your existing fuel dispenser, or alternatively, they can be integrated with an Octane fuel dispenser. All fuel management solutions come with a range of driver and vehicle identification options; and we also have management software to provide you with superior levels of control and reporting functionality.

Emergency Repair

If something goes wrong, Octane also offer fuel dispenser repair services. Our highly qualified team of emergency call-out engineers are available 24/7 and will work hard to ensure you’re fully operational again as swiftly as possible.

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