Bugbuster Diesel Bug Treatment

Get rid of diesel bug

Bugbuster is Octane’s diesel fuel biocide, which has been created to get rid of diesel bug, a microbial growth in fuel and fuel storage tanks.

Bugbuster should be applied prior to the next scheduled refill of your fuel tanks, to ensure a complete and thorough mix.

Octane’s Bugbuster:

  • will eliminate most diesel bug contaminations within 24-48 hours of it being applied to your fuel
  • removes any yeasts and moulds which have developed on your fuel storage tank walls
  • may be applied to main fuel storage tanks or directly into machinery or your fleet vehicle’s fuel tanks
  • may also be used as a preventative fuel storage maintenance product

Bugbuster Price: £64.50 +VAT for 1 Litre

1 litre of Bugbuster will treat 4,000 litres of diesel fuel.

bugbuster diesel fuel biocide

If you’re uncertain as to whether you have a fuel contamination problem or not then Octane can carry out a full fuel analysis and tank inspection for you beforehand so you can be 100% sure. All our fuel analysis tests are carried out by an independent laboratory.


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Bugbuster Diesel Fuel Biocide
Bugbuster diesel fuel biocide will get rid of diesel bug and stop it causing problems with your fleet's engines.