Datalink Touch: Eliminating Human Error

Datalink Touch: Eliminating Human Error

Before Datalink Touch, eliminating errors from fuel management reporting systems was extremely difficult. Because there has always been some element of manual human data entry in the process.

Simple errors, like entering incorrect vehicle details or odometer readings, can have wide reaching effects. These errors, unless rectified, mean you are making key business and operational decisions based on outdated or inaccurate data.

Datalink Touch

Complete accuracy in two easy touches

Datalink Touch not only eliminates these errors, but it gives you access to accurate data in real time, allowing you make nimble and effective business assessments and decisions. It combines GPS technology with Touch Key technology to ensure this accurate recording of information.

  • Easy to install

Wireless GPS recorders can be fitted in your fleet vehicles, in under 10 minutes, so all odometer and vehicle information is recorded.

  • Easy to use

Your driver simply uses their touch key, tapping once against the GPS in-cab unit and once against the MCS terminal.

  • Real time data

As soon as the Touch Key is swiped on the terminal, all information is transferred in real time, so your online system is giving you actual live Miles Per Gallon, Co2 reports etc.

  • Cuts refuelling time

By eliminating manual data entry, you save your drivers time refuelling which can boost overall efficiency considerably.

  • Flexible solution

There are no fixed contracts, or hidden fees. And GPS recorders can easily be transferred between vehicles if you’re upgrading your fleet in the future.

The Datalink Touch system is compatible with existing Sapphire terminals and is a simple and effective solution to a very real problem.

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