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5 Reasons your Fuel Tank should be Bunded

Date: 13/05/2020

  It is very important that correct precautions are taken as the storage of fuels and certain corrosive acids can be hazardous. Therefore, maximum safety is imperative and the best tool for this is a steel bunded tank system. 

5 Reasons why your fuel tank should be bunded: 

1. Good for the environment 

  In an ever-increasing age of environmental awareness, every item is designed with being environmentally friendly in mind. Everything from everyday items such as household appliances to bigger items such as cars.  

  Fuel tanks are no different as a bunded fuel tank demonstrates a double layer design which essentially is a ‘tank within a tank’ meaning your stored fuel would need to ‘break through’ two layers rather than one to escape and potentially causing hazardous/environmental problems.  

  In the unfortunate instance of any form of leak, the secondary layer allows you time to rectify the situation, leaving no direct effect on the environment or business surroundings. 

2. Safety and security 

  Most fuels that are stored carry high monetary values as they are used for commercial and industry purpose. Therefore, companies want to ensure their fuel is safe and securely stored and for increased safety here at Octane, we also supply anti-vandal cabinets. We can offer Gauging systems and Fuel Management systems that will alert you via text and email to fuel movements that is not dispensed through the pumps so alerting you to possibility of fuel theft or loss. 

3. Long lasting and durable 

  Bunded fuel tanks are made with the strongest materials and are specifically designed to withstand external factors such as weather or corrosion which helps extend the lifespan of the system. 

  Not only does its’ long-standing durable structure ensure your fuel remains safely stored and undamaged, but in the long run it will also save you money. 

4. Large storage capacity 

  Our bunded fuel tanks at Octane can be rectangular or cylinder dependant on your requirement and the capacity can range from 600 litres to 200,000 litres. Walkways or gantries can also be fitted if required as well as hand operated or electric pumps, meters and Fuel Management Systems.   

  With the excellent storage and flexible design, it allows you to tailor the system to store as much fuel as you may require whilst providing the perfect customizable solution to your fuel needs. 

5. Health and safety 

  All our Octane bunded tanks are constructed in line with BS799 part 5 and are fuel compliant with PPG regulations. 

  By having a bunded fuel tank you will meet the industry standards stating that all users of commercial and industrial tanks storing more than a few hundred litres must supply a secondary containment capability, to ensure stored fuels do not become exposed.  

  As a result of these standards a bunded fuel tank is the perfect solutions to comply with these requirements, as it is a double layered tank.  


  We also make sure the electrical side of the system is wired correctly and inline with the regulations to assist with your DESEAR risk assessments 

  If you would like to see how bunded fuel tanks can suit you and your business requirements, please get in contact with us here at Octane  and we will be happy to help and talk you through your options!