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Find Out If Your Refuelling Site Is Operating Safely And In-Line With Regulations

The Environment Agency advise to have your refuelling site inspected every 12 months

If your site stores fuel then you need to follow guidelines set out by the Environment Agency (EA) and DEFRA. If you don't follow these guidelines and your equipment leaks and causes fire or pollution, the company will get fined, or at worst someone a prison sentence. Watch the video below to find out more'

Here' s what you can expect:

Full Detailed Report: You'll receive a full, comprehensive Site Audit & Risk Assessment (SARA) report for your refuelling installation. This can then be provided to the Environment Agency if they make a surprise visit to confirm your compliance.

OFTEC Registered Engineers: your Octane engineer will be OFTEC registered so you can be 100% sure they're qualified and competent to carry out your full site audit and risk assessment.

Free Pump Calibration: Calibration is essential for accurate fuel figures and stock reconciliation. Without calibration, your pumps could be displaying inaccurate readings and not the true amount of fuel being dispensed.

To arrange a site audit answer the following 3 questions

To arrange a site audit answer the following 3 questions

What our clients say..

We employ Octane to carry out service and repair work as they are on time, on budget and do their utmost to keep our fleet refuelled. Stephen Long

Don't leave it until it's too late, call 0113 2012 460