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Aviation Fuel Services

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Europe's aviation industry is one that demands an innovative approach to meet your challenges. Aviation fuel services are an essential part of an airport’s infrastructure, but airport companies frequently have less control over the provision and operation and of those facilities, such as a competitive fuel price for airlines/aircraft and a revenue stream for the airport.

As an ISO 9001 registered company and fully compliant with all current legislation for the safe storage of fuels, combined with our wealth of experience means that you rely on Octane for your aviation fuel storage solution.

Our aviation refuelling systems are specifically designed to preserve and maintain fuel quality as well as protecting the health and safety of staff, the wider community, and the environment.

As an independent aviation fuel expert, Octane can give airports the control they require by acting as:

  • Supply pumps with weights and measures approved for resale for use with AVGAS, JetA1 and UL91
  • Task testing which is required for underground tanks as well electrical hazardous area inspections
  • Annual Service Contracts for peace of mind
  • Aviation fuelling Expert adviser on behalf of the airport company for all aspects related to aviation fuel infrastructure

Aircraft refuelling by Octane, the benchmark for quality and safety! Our pumps are also available at high speed, ideal for refuelling larger aircraft. We also carry out all types of groundworks in and around the refuelling area. We guarantee safety along with the tried-and-tested, standardised strategy that is both speedy and reliable.

Competitive Pricing

With low cost and supply agreements with various major producers and locations in the UK, we can offer highly competitive fuel and delivery pricing.

Assured Quality

We supply only top-grade fuels from the major producers.


We’re not endangered to disruption from one producer or storage location. Octane delivers when we say we will.

Fuel Types and Delivery Options

We supply Jet A1 and UL91 with AVGAS.

Contact us If you have any requirements about aviation fuel types and fuel availability or fuel pricing please feel free to reach out to our Aviation Fuel Service team, available on 0113 2012 460 to deliver you immediate quotations and the latest Aviation network updates.

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