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Site Remediation

Swift Action

If you’ve experienced contamination on your land, you'll know how important it is to act quickly; and in accordance to current environmental legislation. Octane's site remediation service aims to respond as swiftly as possible to the spill; addressing the problem, then following up with post-contamination assessment and remediation of both soil and groundwater.

Expert Remediation Services

We employ a number of remediation methods to ensure that your spill is dealt with as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Our team of experienced remediation experts are equipped to excavate and dispose of contaminated soils, install recovery trenches, recover product from groundwater and stabilise soil contamination.

We also offer a range of biological and chemical remediation techniques.

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Business as Usual

We understand how important it is to continue with business as usual so a land remediation team will focus on addressing your problem effectively and swiftly, with minimum disruption. We'll operate in complete accordance with healthy and safety legislation and provide all necessary certification after the remediation work is complete.

Swift Action, Minimum Fuss

For remediation of contaminated sites
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