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Date: 17/03/2021

Installation of a storage & refuelling area

Find out below the 6 main steps that we take here at Octane to professionally install a storage and refuelling area.

Each step is just as important as the other as it all starts deep underground to lay the right foundations in order to be safe and efficient above ground.

Step 1: Installation of vehicle wash interceptor
Step 2: Installation of Class 1 forecourt separator
Step 3: Carpark separator for vehicle refuelling
Step 4: Installation of contrate base for vehicle wash area
Step 5: Installation of concrete base for refuelling tanks
Step 6: Car parking area for refuelling tankers

Watch our time-lapse of us working on a live project to install a storage and refuelling area. You can see in much more detail each of the above steps taking shape in a real situation.

Are you looking to install a storage & refuelling area? Contact us today to see how Octane can help you. Call us on 0113 201 2460, email at [email protected], or visit our Contact Page

You can watch Octanes full video here:

Octane YouTube Blog