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Commercial Fuel Tank Cleaning Services


Dirty diesel causes breakdowns. Just imagine the damage all that sludge and residue is doing to your fleet’s engines. Find out how to stop contaminated fuel affecting your fleet.

All fuels deteriorate and when they do, so does the condition of your tanks. Regular tank cleaning every one to two years should be an essential part of your maintenance programme and is the best way to prevent costly vehicle damage and reduce overall fleet maintenance costs.

Whether you're looking for preventative tank cleaning or you've just discovered a serious fuel contamination issue like diesel bug, we can help. We provide one the most advanced and thorough diesel storage tank cleaning services in the UK.

Octane's tank cleaning team kept me well informed at every stage of the job and completed the work efficiently making sure I was happy each time they completed a tank.

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How contaminated fuel destroys your fuel tanks

If you've a fuel contamination problem, you're likely to be already aware of the huge damage it can cause to your fleet vehicles. In fact, 8 out of every 10 diesel breakdowns are linked to dirty fuel.

All stored fuel deteriorates over time, forming sediments and gums that can clog filters. And as tanks warm up during the day and cool down at night, water from condensation can also be introduced to the tank.

This water helps germinate fungal spores present in fuel, known as the 'Fuel Bug' or 'Diesel Bug'. These organisms spread rapidly, eating up the fuel's hydrocarbons and leaving behind a waxy sludge or 'Biomass' in their wake

And it's not just your end fleet vehicles that get damaged. Contaminated or degraded fuels create internal and external corrosion on your tanks holding it; fuel lines and dispensers get eroded and damaged and fuel dispenser filters can become blocked causing problems and disruption to operations.

Fuel storage tank before cleaning

commercial fuel tank before cleaning

A cycle of fuel contamination

This creates a cycle of contamination for you. Even if all the dirty fuel could be removed, as soon as new clean or polished fuel is added back to these now contaminated tanks, it would quickly become contaminated too. While additives can help with minor contaminations, once you've a severe contamination problem, the only way to eradicate it is through rigorous diesel tank fuel cleaning.

Advanced Tank Cleaning

At Octane we provide advanced tank cleaning services. We thoroughly address contamination issues, with our rigorous and efficient cleaning processes. Our specialist tank cleans can usually be carried out within one day – keeping disruption to your operations to an absolute minimum. All works are carried out by highly trained personnel to the highest levels of Health & Safety standards.

Octane's robust tank cleaning procedure involves:

  • Firstly, emptying your tank completely and transferring your fuel to storage while we work on your tank.
  • Beginning the process of thoroughly deep cleaning the inside of your tank; including cleaning all fuel lines and filters.
  • Filtering and cleaning your stored fuel using our custom-made fuel polishing system.
  • Finally, returning your cleaned fuel to your now decontaminated clean tank.
  • Providing you with 'before' and 'after' photographs of the inside of your tank so you can see the results for yourself.

Fuel storage tank after cleaning

commercial fuel tank cleaned

Our safety expertise

Octane's incredible health and safety expertise and its specialist team of highly trained and certified engineers, means that your business is in safe hands. Specifically, we:

  • Provide risk assessments and method statements for each and every project
  • Implement correct isolation procedures, including atmospheric evaluation
  • Operate under confined space entry permit authorisation, with expert staff who specialise in confined space entry and rescue and the use of gas monitoring and breathing apparatus equipment.

As well as carrying out full fuel testing and diesel bug treatment we also offer fuel polishing and tank testing, leaving you with the certainty that every aspect of your fuel storage is in optimum condition.

If you're looking for a cost-effective, thorough and safe commercial tank cleaning service, get in touch with us today.

Avoid costly engine failures by getting your fuel storage tanks cleaned

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