What Happens If Fuel Is Left Untreated? // Octane
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What happens if fuel is left untreated?

Date: 29/05/2020

With these unprecedented times, are you leaving your fuel standing? Or are you preparing to resume business once safe to do so? If so, it is very important to take effective measures to protect your fuel. Unused fuel stored over a period can become contaminated, which is why here at Octane it is recommend applying a fuel additive such as Octasolve. 


What happens if left untreated? 

Water build up 

Build-up of water can develop inside the tank as a result of condensation. This is influenced by daily temperature changes, causing moisture to accumulate overtime.  Water may also enter if there are signs of cracks or splits on the storage tank. 


Microbial growth  

When water is present inside the fuel storage container, bacteria known as microbial growth can form. This is a harmful element as it produces the formation of sludge. 


Loss of volatility 

If fuel is left to stand it can lose many of its volatile compounds designed to improve the efficiency of engines. 


How to protect your fuel? 

Find out more about Octasolve and how to place an order here