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Top 5 Benefits of Onsite Fuel Storage

Date: 11/03/2020



In a dynamic environment that depends on global markets, government policies, and external suppliers, staying on top of all the moving parts can be challenging. One area I’ve noticed where fleet managers can regain some control is with onsite fuel storage tanks.

In a recent survey from Arval Mobility Observatory, 49% of fleet managers reported that a lack of road infrastructure was a concern. Another 30% stated that increased vehicle taxation is becoming a problem, while 19% said unclear government positions and the enforcement of alternative fuel policies could pose a risk in the future.

While we may not resolve these issues easily, let’s look at what fleet managers can control: how you store and manage your fleet’s fuel.


My top five benefits of onsite fuel storage tanks

In this article, I’ll discuss five benefits of having fuel storage tanks available onsite. We’ll also look at how this can help you improve the way you manage your fleet.

1. Onsite fuel storage tanks save time

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Using offsite refuelling options costs your company time. Although it may not seem like much, when we consider all the time spent at an offsite pump, it can quickly add up. For an industry that’s constantly under time-pressure, this doesn’t seem like a sustainable practice in my estimation. Having access to onsite refuelling systems will increase your fleet’s efficiency and keep drivers on the road for longer.

2. Reducing maintenance frequency and costs

By using onsite-refuelling systems, your company can reduce the number of miles every vehicle travels. Fewer miles per vehicle means reduced services. This also increases the productivity of your fleet by keeping your vehicles on the road for longer before needing to go in for scheduled maintenance. Most fleet managers I know will readily agree that success depends on reducing the smallest of margins.

3. Improves fuel quality



Having onsite fuel storage puts your company in control of your fuel’s quality. You can supervise the testing on-site, and fuel service providers can do regular sampling. Contaminated fuel reduces efficiency and could damage a vehicle’s internal mechanisms.

I would also recommend taking a look at Octasolve to improve fuel quality. The product prevents water condensation in tanks and thus reduces the risk of the fuel getting contaminated with water.

Octasolve technology also helps you to:

·         Improve fuel efficiency.

·         Reduce maintenance costs with rust and corrosion protection.

·         Prevent and treat diesel bugs by liquefying them.

4. Decreases the possibility of fuel theft

Fuel theft is a common problem experienced by fleet managers. Fortunately, an onsite solution will reduce the opportunity for your drivers to commit fraud against the company. Onsite fuel storage will improve the oversight the company has over every driver’s refuelling activities.

Furthermore, having a central refuelling point can help your company stamp out any runaway fuel costs. I think we can agree that’s a major concern for fleet managers.

5. Save money with fuel management systems and bulk buying

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Besides saving you money on maintenance and time, a fuel management system will also help the company track the fleet’s fuel requirements. I know it’s challenging to keep up to date with every vehicle’s consumption. A cloud-based fuel management system makes it easy and lets you track all fuel-related activities in real time.

Additionally, with fuel storage tanks in your yard, you will get access to cheaper fuel prices. Whether the company signs a contract with a regular supplier, or you shop around for the best price, volatile fuel costs (driven by external market forces) will no longer have the same impact on your day-to-day operations.

Regain control over your fleet operations with onsite fuel storage systems

Implementing onsite fuel storage and fuel management systems can help fleet managers to increase oversight and improve operations. Onsite fuel storage cuts down on the distance your vehicles need to travel for refuelling while enabling fleet managers to control every aspect of your fleet’s fuel requirements.

Our fleet management systems, on the other hand, help your company gain real-time insight into your fleet’s performance. You’ll additionally be able to monitor and improve the quality of fuel your vehicles use.

At Octane, we work with fleet and transport companies to deliver the best onsite fuel storage tanks and pumps that integrate with our real-time fuel management system. To find out more about our unique solutions, reach out to our fuel management experts today.